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Ford GT

In 2005, Ford released a street car called the Ford GT that bore more than a passing resemblance to the original race car that made so much history at Le Mans. This car was an obvious nod to their successes at Le Sarthe, and…

Ford GT John Doe
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Mercedes-AMG GT3

The Mercedes-Benz AMG booth was packed with fans and supporters as the new Mercedes-AMG GT3 was unveiled. Drivers Nobuteru Taniguchi and Tatsuya Kataoka were present and greeted fans while posing for photos in their new race…

Mercedes-AMG GT3 John Doe
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2023 Acura…


Honda's Acura luxury division will soon relaunch an iconic nameplate and shake up the entry-luxury compact segment with an all-new Integra, replacing the aging ILX sedan in the lineup. Some may wonder why a…

2023 Acura Integra John Doe
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Ford GT Alan…

“Whether it’s going like hell at the racetrack or out-innovating the competition, the Ford GT Alan Mann Heritage Edition honors the vehicles that helped lead Ford to its wins,” said Mike Severson, Ford GT…

Ford GT Alan Mann Heritage Edition Celebrates Experimental GT Race Car Prototypes from 1966 at Chicago Auto Show John Doe
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1969 Holden Hurricane

1969 Holden Hurricane Technology

The Hurricane stood at just 990 mm (39 in) tall and was powered by a mid-mounted high-compression 5.0 litre Holden V8 engine, producing 193 kW…

John Doe
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