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2017 Acura NSX


The legendary NSX, touted as a supercar that’s easy to live with on a daily basis, is reborn for 2017 with a new hybrid powertrain. Don’t confuse this low-slung car with a hyper-miler—it has…

2017 Acura NSX John Doe
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JGTC RE-Amemiya…

The RE: Amemiya-developed Mazda RX-7 first appeared in the JGTC (All-Japan Grand Touring car Championship) in 1995 and quickly became a fan-favourite.

Amemiya-san's never-say-die attitude, immense skill with Wankel…

JGTC RE-Amemiya Gt300 Mazda RX-7 John Doe
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Morgan Plus 4…

There are some redeeming qualities about Morgan and the Plus 4. A lot, actually. One thing we’ve come to appreciate about the company is its dedication to its classic sports car roots. Whereas other brands may have caved…

Morgan Plus 4 Dimensions 2014 Ford Engine John Doe
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2023 Acura…


Honda's Acura luxury division will soon relaunch an iconic nameplate and shake up the entry-luxury compact segment with an all-new Integra, replacing the aging ILX sedan in the lineup. Some may wonder why a…

2023 Acura Integra John Doe
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1969 Holden Hurricane

1969 Holden Hurricane Technology

The Hurricane stood at just 990 mm (39 in) tall and was powered by a mid-mounted high-compression 5.0 litre Holden V8 engine, producing 193 kW…

John Doe
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