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Summary of Morgan
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Category : Morgan | Published by Editor | 08 Jan 2021 7:50 PM | 2153 hits
MORGAN Plus Four 2020

A roadster with oldtimer looks and cutting edge technologies hidden under a beautiful bodywork fit for up to four passengers, but most commonly used by a single person. Morgan was known for being one of the few remaining carmakers in the world that built vehicles based on a wooden chassis. But...

Category : Morgan | Published by Editor | 30 Jan 2015 6:20 PM | 9379 hits
Morgan Plus 4 Dimensions 2014 Ford Engine

The 2014 Morgan Plus 4 prides itself on its old school looks that frankly hasn’t changed all that much from the models in the 60’s. It’s quite charming, really, that Morgan continues to roll out a car that looks like this.

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