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Gachaco battery swapping service launched by Japanese bike manufacturers
The Gachaco battery swapping system will use the Mobile Power Pack from Honda and plans to launch battery exchange stations for electric motorcycles and mopeds in Tokyo
Category : Honda | Published by Editor | 31 Mar 2022 12:00 PM | 5373 hits
Gachaco battery swapping service launched by Japanese bike manufacturers

Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha are setting up a new company in Japan on 1 April with the energy company Eneos: Gachaco is to offer a sharing service for standardised exchangeable batteries of electric two wheelers and corresponding infrastructure.

The Gachaco battery swapping system will use...

Category : Ford | Published by Editor | 16 Feb 2022 10:10 PM | 4956 hits
Ford GT Alan Mann Heritage Edition Celebrates Experimental GT Race Car Prototypes from 1966 at Chicago Auto Show

DEARBORN, Mich., Feb. 9, 2022 – As a tribute to Alan Mann Racing’s 1966 Ford GT lightweight experimental prototypes, Ford is introducing the Ford GT Alan Mann Heritage Edition. The limited-edition vehicle celebrates the role the prototypes played in the history of the development of the Ford...

Category : Honda | Published by Editor | 24 Jan 2022 7:00 PM | 6868 hits
2023 Acura Integra

Honda's Acura luxury division will soon relaunch an iconic nameplate and shake up the entry-luxury compact segment with an all-new Integra, replacing the aging ILX sedan in the lineup. Some may wonder why a luxury automaker would choose to launch a sporty car in the age of the SUV, but we'd be...

Category : Koenigsegg | Published by Editor | 24 Jan 2022 7:00 PM | 7199 hits
Koenigsegg Jesko


Swedish hypercar maker Koenigsegg made a name for itself with the Agera RS. That model stood as the world's fastest production car, able to hit a top speed of 278 mph. Its replacement is the Jesko, a hypercar cut from the same mold as its supremely impressive predecessor. With its...

Category : BMW | Published by Editor | 24 Dec 2021 7:10 PM | 14709 hits
BMW M3 Competition 2021 review

It feels like once in a generation, BMW feels the need to polarise automotive opinion with a controversial design direction.

Category : EXPLAINED | Published by Editor | 18 Aug 2021 6:50 PM | 7757 hits
What is ESP on the car?

Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) is a life-saving piece of technology. We explain what it is and how it works.

ESP (Electronic Stability Programme), also known as ESC (Electronic Stability Control), is a live-saving technology that has been mandatory on modern cars in Europe since 2014,...

Category : Toyota | Published by Editor | 10 Mar 2021 6:50 PM | 4182 hits
Yokohama Advan Toyota Supra Build

There were Supras wearing iconic liveries, like the the black-to-red Advan fade. These will never go out of style, and look good on just about any car.

Category : Morgan | Published by Editor | 08 Jan 2021 7:50 PM | 2225 hits
MORGAN Plus Four 2020

A roadster with oldtimer looks and cutting edge technologies hidden under a beautiful bodywork fit for up to four passengers, but most commonly used by a single person. Morgan was known for being one of the few remaining carmakers in the world that built vehicles based on a wooden chassis. But...

Category : Mercedes-Benz | Published by Editor | 10 Jan 2020 5:40 PM | 3432 hits
Mercedes-AMG GT3

Anime Matsuri Attendees Now A Part Of Japan’s Super GT Circuit

Tokyo Auto Salon 2020: GOOD SMILE RACING debuted its new Racing Miku machine for the 2020 Super GT season sporting the Anime Matsuri logo on both doors.

Category : Ford | Published by Editor | 09 Oct 2019 10:10 PM | 4322 hits
Ford GT

Over 50 years ago, the iconic Ford GT40 won the Le Mans 24-hour classic, in a momentous duel with Ferrari. The fight for victory was immense in scope, and took the resources of Ford, a team of the best professional drivers Ford could employ, and the management and development talent of some of...

Category : Honda | Published by Editor | 31 Dec 2017 6:50 PM | 7106 hits
2017 Acura NSX

The legendary NSX, touted as a supercar that’s easy to live with on a daily basis, is reborn for 2017 with a new hybrid powertrain. Don’t confuse this low-slung car with a hyper-miler—it has serious performance chops, though it can’t quite hang with similarly priced non-hybrids from McLaren and...

Category : Isuzu | Published by Editor | 19 Aug 2017 6:10 PM | 3524 hits
ISUZU rally team in the new mu-X ready for Silk Way Rally challenge

The ISUZU rally team are making final preparations before they depart for Moscow to contest the 2017 Silk Way Rally that starts on 7 July and finishes on 22 July 2017.

Sponsored by ISUZU Motors International Thailand, the new ISUZU mu-X sporting race number 135, will be put to the ultimate test...

Category : Alfa Romeo | Published by Editor | 25 Jan 2017 6:40 PM | 6959 hits
2019 Alfa Romeo 4C

This Spider is a sexy, mid-engined Italian exotic carved down to affordable scale, and its cloth targa top lets the driver and one lucky passenger feel the wind in their hair. Its tiny, low-slung body is wrapped around a sport-tuned chassis that makes it feel like every commute is a track day....

Category : Mazda | Published by Editor | 20 Feb 2016 6:20 PM | 9145 hits
JGTC RE-Amemiya Gt300 Mazda RX-7

It seems a little hard to believe that an institution in Japanese endurance racing has finally come to an end. The eponymous RX-7 as campaigned by Isami Amemiya's RE: Amemiya Racing outfit recently ran its swansong event, the JAF Grand Prix Fuji Sprint Cup. The team will be back in 2011, though...

Category : Holden | Published by Editor | 18 Feb 2016 5:40 PM | 5661 hits
1969 Holden Hurricane

The Holden Hurricane is a two-seat concept car built by Holden in 1969. The Hurricane was one of the most advanced vehicles for its time, with Holden describing it as a research vehicle, allowing them "to study design trends, propulsion systems and other long range developments".

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