The Car is equipped with the primary BOSCH ESP.

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The Morgan Plus 4 is equipped with the primary BOSCH ESP, BOSCH ESP on the basis of the steering angle, the system recognizes the desired direction of travel. Speed sensors on each wheel measure wheel speed. At the same time, yaw-rate sensors measure vehicle rotation around its vertical axis, as well as lateral acceleration. From this data, the control unit calculates the actual movement of the vehicle, comparing it 25 times per second with the desired direction of travel. If the values do not correspond, the system reacts in an instant, without any action on the part of the driver. It reduces engine power in order to restore vehicle stability. If that is not sufficient, then it additionally brakes individual wheels. The resulting rotary movement of the vehicle counteracts the skidding movement – within the limits of the laws of physics, the vehicle remains safely on the desired course.

BOSCH ESP combines several technologies that work together to keep the car safely on the road, in control and heading in the direction you want. This umbrella includes anti-lock brakes (ABS) and traction control (TCS).

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