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The Morgan Plus 4 has a BAS that improves the quality and performance of the brakes. The braking system is triggered by a matrix or signal. If the sensor detects that the brake pedal is being pressed very quickly, the fastest braking possible. In this case, the amount of liquid is increased to the maximum. But fluid pressure may be limited. Cars with ABS usually prevent wheelbase locking. Based on this, BAS will generate a large amount of fluid in the brakes in the first stage of the emergency stop of the vehicle, pressurizing the braking system, and allowing the braking system to quickly generate the most powerful braking force.

Most drivers don't have enough power to apply the brakes in an emergency. In general, the BAS will not intervene in the action of the braking system. Once it detects that the driver suddenly depresses the brake pedal with extremely fast speed and force, it will judge that emergency braking is required, so it will pressurize the braking system, so that the braking system can quickly generate The most powerful braking force, allowing the driver to avoid accidents, in addition, vehicles with BAS brake assist system can reduce the braking distance by about 45%. Overall, BAS makes your driving safer and more reliable.

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